Document rewrites

Your documents might need a radical rewrite to reflect the qualities your organisation stands for, or they might need a bit of a polish to freshen them up. Either way, we are available to:

  • consult with you about the look and feel you’re after in your documents, on your website, in your presentations
  • consider whether your templates are providing the intended help for your writers
  • discuss with stakeholders what material does or doesn’t need to be included in your documents
  • evaluate whether your material is helping your readers to find the information they need and to make the decisions you want them to make
  • do either a light edit or a radical rewrite
  • prepare a style sheet listing our suggestions for applying to future documents
  • check-in that our suggestions align with what you’re after
  • discuss our suggestions until you’re perfectly happy with them.
Some of the documents that we have worked on:
  • law firm template letters
  • insurance advice templates
  • film industry email templates
  • banking documentation
  • superannuation industry correspondence
  • ombudsman service web content . . .
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