Tailoring, format and follow up


All our workshops are completely tailored to your organisation’s needs. We do this by:

  • focusing on document types that are typically used in your organisation
  • inviting participants to submit sample documents so that we can demonstrate drafting guidelines using extracts from their documents
  • focusing on punctuation and grammar issues relevant to the work participants do at their desks each day
  • reinforcing the standards in your style guide if you have one.


Our workshops are arranged for a variety of formats to suit your workplace, such as:

  • a full- or half-day format
  • a full day split between 2 weeks
  • modules presented over a series of breakfast or lunch-time sessions.

Please contact us to discuss the format best suited to you.

Follow up

We can help to embed the learning of a workshop by:

  • developing an agreed style sheet to be applied to future documents
  • identifying writing champions to spread the clear communication word and encourage its application
  • arranging individual or group coaching for people who have previously done the course
  • organising change management training to embed the learning
  • offering reader testing to evaluate the effectiveness of your documents.
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